We're passionate people with diverse interests.

Our mission is to bring our energy, experience, and talent together to provide creative and unique solutions that help our clients.

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We want to be your solution, not part of your problem. We do this by being guided in what we do every day by our mission and our values.



We believe in doing what’s right, not what’s easy.



We learn from you just as much as you learn from us.



We are people too – we have lives, goals, families, interests, and pastimes.



We support our communities and give back to those that have given to us.



We’re all different, and we value that no one person is the same as the next.

While we consider ourselves experts in given areas, we recognize that every challenge is unique and requires custom solutions.

Though every issue has its twists and turns, we take a consistent approach that’s rooted in our client-focused viewpoint. We’re here to challenge you, to push you, and at times to struggle with you. But ultimately, we’re excited to excel with you.

We work with you to go over your needs and show you how we can help. We price our work on an hourly and fixed-price package basis.

Our Pricing

Where possible, we prefer to work with clients on a fixed price basis. Fixed pricing means no surprises. It means you get exactly what you need. We work with you to review your needs and determine the services to propose to you. All of our packages come with unlimited access to us for your accounting, tax, or business questions.
Of course, there are times when fixed pricing doesn’t make sense. In those cases, we’ll work with you to set clear expectations regarding the work to be performed and what you’ll pay.

The Process

You come in for a consultation. We talk about your business, your goals, and what services you’re interested in.
After the meeting, we put together a proposal tailored to you. It might include assurance, client accounting, tax, consulting, and other services. We’ll recommend things we think will provide value for you and your business.
You look at our proposal, call us to discuss, and we revise if necessary. Once you agree to the proposal, we get started!
We’ll continue to review our arrangement on a periodic basis and make adjustments as your needs change.

Service Packages That Fit

No matter how small or large your business is, we can tailor a package of services to provide the best value for you. All of our packages come with unlimited access — which means that you can call, email, or visit us with your accounting, tax, and business questions as much as you want during the year. We encourage you to contact us — and you’ll never get a bill for doing so.
Our packages are designed on an annual basis, with the option for the annual fixed professional services fee to be split up into monthly payments. Our agreements are flexible and can be changed as your needs change.

Meet The Team

Todd Hodkinson

Todd has been in the accounting industry since 2005 and has worked on both sides of the desk as a Financial Controller and in public practice.  This varied experience allows him to bring a skill set to the advice he provides that considers a variety of angles.

Todd enjoys being the link between problems and solutions.  His ability to develop effective, efficient and collaborative solutions has been proven to become the cornerstone of many businesses.  That’s why he started Hodkinson Accounting in 2015, so he can use his skills to encourage the success of the small businesses he advises.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Certified Xero Advisor
  • Member of the Tax Institute

Chrystal Lennox

Chrystal’s 15 years of experience in a large accounting firm has given her the cornerstone of a process driven mindset that ensures the office runs like clockwork.  Her ‘relationship first’ approach to clients ensures that you can always get your question answered.  Her expertise in the ASIC & ATO processes adds to our ability to provide premium level client service

  • Certificate II in Business Office Administration
  • Certificates I & II in Clerical Administration
  • Justice of the Peace (JP Qual)
  • Certified Xero Advisor
  • Certificate III in Small Business Administration

Bianca Prajbisz

Bianca enjoys the ability to work directly with clients and the freedom to take the time she needs to understand the full dynamic of each of the client’s businesses.  Bianca handles all elements of compliance work along with assisting on business advisory projects.  Bianca is passionate about helping clients succeed, whether that be helping with compliance obligations or providing business advice.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Member of CPA Australia

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