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Business Valuations

Our firm offers expert business valuation services tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, personal estate assessments, and legal dispute resolutions. We are committed to providing independent valuations that aid in transaction decisions, financial reporting, and conflict resolution, ensuring that all parties receive a clear and unbiased understanding of the value involved.

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At Hodkinson Accounting, our business valuation services are designed to provide you with an accurate assessment of your business's worth. Whether you are navigating complex legal disputes or preparing for a transaction, our accredited specialists deliver reliable and compliant valuations.

Valuation Reports

We produce detailed valuation reports that meet the rigorous standards required by courts, regulatory bodies, and business transactions. Our reports are crafted to withstand scrutiny and provide a clear valuation that parties can trust.

Valuation Consulting

Whether you are considering a business purchase, need to resolve a dispute, or require valuation for compliance purposes, our experts offer bespoke consultancy that aligns with your specific needs.

Financial Projects & Modelling

Our team utilises advanced modelling techniques to forecast and evaluate business outcomes. This service is crucial for strategic planning and investment decisions, providing you with the insights needed to navigate future challenges.

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