What do I need to bring to my tax appointment?

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As the Australian Taxation Office continues to access more of your information every financial year, it can be confusing what information you need to bring for us to complete your tax return.

With this in mind, we have put together a handy list of the information we do not receive from the ATO and therefore, what you might need to bring along to your appointment with us.

Of course, all these things might not apply to you, so please use this as a guide to help you get ready for your appointment with us.

PAYG Payment Summaries

While we do receive this information once your employer has finalised your annual Income Statement with the ATO, it is important to keep in mind that we are unable to complete your tax return until your employer has done so. Please check with your employer or on your MyGov and ensure this information is available before contacting us for an appointment

Insurance Policies (including income protection premiums and private health)

Once your private health insurer has processed your annual statement details, this information is available for us to access via the ATO. This is the only form of insurance that we have visibility of through ATO channels, so if you have additional policies relevant to your employment/business activity, please provide us with your annual policy and premiums

Share Dividends, Managed Fund Statements and other investments

We will need any and all records relating to your investments throughout the financial year including buys, sells and income received

Notice of Intent to claim personal superannuation contributions

This must be completed and acknowledged by your super fund before your tax return can be submitted. If you need to discuss this with us, please bring all relevant documents regarding your personal super contributions along to your appointment

Receipts and invoices for work-related expenses

(e.g. union and membership fees, subscriptions, protective clothing, safety boots, employer uniforms, tools of trade, stationery and office equipment, self-education costs, car logbook and/or home office expenses including phone and internet costs)

Do you own a rental property?

We will need any and all records of income and expenses involved in the renting of your property during the financial year

Did you have a Capital Gain Event during the year?

We will need details of any significant asset purchases and/or sales during the financial year including dates of acquisition and disposal, costs involved in purchase and your proceeds on sale

Any other relevant information

If there is anything that you think may be relevant to your personal taxation affairs, please bring that information along to your appointment and we can discuss this with you

Up to date personal details

Please also ensure that you have provided us with your up to date personal information including contact details, preferred addresses and bank account details

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